Drill Team

At the heart of a Squadron’s esprit de corps on parade is drill.  Some of the skills you will learn are personal discipline, coordination, and teamwork.  259 takes great pride in drill, and as such we participate in the annual drill team competition every year.  259 has achieved 1st place in the Okanagan drill team competition in recent years, and we plan to defend our title in the years to come.

Drill is an important part of cadet training. Drill promotes discipline, alertness, precision, pride, steadiness, and the cohesion necessary for success within a group.  From a leadership perspective, drill is an excellent vehicle to help enhance some personal attributes. A senior cadet’s assertiveness, confidence in his/her abilities while speaking in front of a group, and supervisory skills while correcting personnel on their dress and personal drill all benefit from drill instruction.


Improvement and putting into practice the knowledge of all individual and squad (flight) drill movements executed by the Air Cadets.

Preparation and practice of a choreography (a compulsory sequence with words of command and a silent choreographed sequence) towards the year end drill competition.


The Drill Team is composed of 13 or 18 cadets led by a Drill Team Commander and practice on Sundays from Oct – May, with some weekday practices closer to competition dates.

Unfortunately, not all cadets who come out for the Drill Team will be selected.  The team that will participate in the Zone and Provincial competitions will be selected in December.  Selections are adhered to the Regional Cadet Support unit, Pacific Drill Joining instruction, and on Dress, Drill, Deportment and attendance.


Any cadet, from any level, may try out for the Drill Team.

In addition, candidates must:

  • Be present each week with drill boots
  • Give 100% all the time.
  • Possess a correct and positive attitude towards the members of the team.
  • Constantly demonstrate improvement in the execution of their drill.