Ground School


The Ground School program is provided to offer academic training to interested Air Cadets who wish to compete for selection of the Air Cadet Air Traffic Control Course, the Glider Scholarship Program or the Power Scholarship Program. Check the on-line 259 Cadet Calendar of events for dates and sign-up sheet


For the Cadets who are interested in aviation and want to become a pilot we offer ground school classes.  Topics covering theory of flight, meteorology, airmanship, and navigation to help prepare you in your journey to becoming a pilot.



During summer camps, cadets can earn a glider pilot or power pilot license issued by Transport Canada. These are CIVILIAN qualifications. Once qualified, cadet pilots can operate an aircraft within civilian organizations as well as within the cadet organization. Furthermore, cadets who do not have the minimum age required to pilot an aircraft as required by Transport Canada (16 or 17 years) can attend a 3-week summer course: Basic aviation course and Advanced Aviation Course.