Effective Speaking

Good public speaking is simply the art of good conversation carried a step or two beyond the usual. It is largely through the spoken word that we communicate with each other, develop understanding, exchange knowledge and find mutually acceptable goals. Through effective public speaking we can encourage, teach, entertain and inspire others.


To provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self confidence; and increase their ability to reason, organize and express ideas;

To promote the citizenship component of local squadron training;

To provide a focus at the Local, Wing, Provincial/Territorial, and National levels.

To promote and encourage air cadets to participate in an optional activity that will provide them with an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment;

To increase public awareness regarding the citizenship and leadership aspects of the Air Cadet program at the national, provincial and local levels.


The Air Cadet League hosts an annual effective speaking contest. Cadets will compete locally on predetermined topics and the selected cadet will represent the squadron at the wing competition.  Cadets who rank 1st from the wing competition, move onto the provincial competition.  Winners here, represent their province at the National competition.

Air Cadets are aiming to be more valuable members of society. They are learning to organize and present ideas, opinions, and information in a logical, persuasive manner. They are building confidence in self-expression. They are taking responsibility for the most important skill of adult life — communication. Judging their efforts provides valuable guidance to these young speakers. Judging comments reinforce and reward their efforts. An unbiased observer can zero in on strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint areas needing attention. Judging speeds growth and development by presenting a clear, honest reflection to the speaker.


More information about the program : RE: rules, topics and overall competition, click on: Effective Speaking – Air Cadet League of Canada


Any cadet interested is welcome to participate.

In addition, candidates must:

  • Be present each week.
  • Give 100% all the time.
  • Possess a correct and positive attitude towards the other members.
  • Constantly demonstrate improvement in their written and oral presentations.

Qualifications Awarded

There is a pin awarded for participation at the regional, provincial and national levels.