259 supply

The Supply Department is responsible for issuing and exchanging all cadet uniform parts. The uniform is free to all cadets and on loan. You are responsible to ensure your uniform is up to or exceeds squadron standards.  It is to be clean, pressed and in good repair at all times.  As most of the uniform parts are the same as everyone else, ensure you put your Last name on the inside tag of your uniform item.

Supply Hours:
18:00 – 18:15 hrs
20:00 – 20:20 hrs

Outgrown your uniform?

If you require a uniform exchange, please ensure your item you need replacing is clean and pressed (We will not exchange dirty uniform parts). Contact the Supply Officer to make an appointment.

Name Tags
Your first name tag is also free, but if you lose or damage it, a fee of $5.00 will be charged to replace it. The name tag is an essential part of your uniform.

Please ensure to check the dress regulations below, so that your uniform meets the expected standard.

Cadet Administrative & Training Orders (CATO)

Cadet Administrative & Training Orders (CATOs) are produced nationally to govern the entire Cadet program. Any CATO that Cadets should be aware of will be posted.

Dress Regulations
CATO 55-04 Air Cadet Dress Instructions
CATO 55-04 (Annex A) Numbered Orders of Dress
CATO 55-04 (Annex F) Illustrated References

HOW TO (videos)

Lace Parade Boots


Polish Boots

polish boots-001Some basics for proper care of your boots include storing them in a dry place and keeping them clean. Dust will create scratches. Do NOT use spit, fire, solvents or other chemicals on your boots. A soft and clean cloth, black shoe polish and some clean water is all you need. Build up a layer of polish and then it is the polish that will shine.