What We Offer

Why join Cadets?  Below are descriptions of the programs that 259 offers so that youth may build their knowledge and skill base to help them in life.  Essentially our mission is to give our Cadets life skills that will be valuable long after they leave the program.

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One of the aims of the program is to train our Cadets in the art of leadership.  Cadets as they move through the ranks will have unlimited opportunities to learn leadership techniques.  Built right into the core of the program Cadets will undergo regular leadership classes that will be put into practice in real world situations.

Gliding/ Flying

Every Spring and Fall the Air Cadet Gliding Program is in full operation. Our Cadets get the opportunity to partake in a glider familiarization ride and learn about the gliders controls, airmanship, and circuit procedures.  For those who are keen you will also have the opportunity to try your hand at the controls!

Ground School

For the Cadets who are interested in aviation and want to become a pilot we offer ground school classes.  These classes will teach you theory of flight, meteorology, airmanship, and navigation to help prepare you in your journey to becoming a pilot.

Physical Fitness

Another one of the aims of the program, physical fitness is a key attribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Sports nights are scheduled regularly and our Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in other activities including running, skiing/snowboarding, swimming, and hiking.  259 also has a running team that participates in a 10km run annually.


259 conducts multiple survival training exercises every year to prepare our Cadets to know how to take care of themselves in the wilderness.  Map & compass, fire starting, shelter building and GPS training are just some of the skills our Cadets will learn while they’re on a survival exercise.

Effective Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most feared activities on the planet.  259 encourages our Cadets to meet this obstacle head on by taking our effective speaking classes.  Effective speaking classes give our Cadets the knowledge and confidence to address a public group without breaking a sweat.


For those Cadets who are interested in marksmanship, 259 puts together a range team to compete at the annual range competition.  For those Cadets who don’t necessarily want to be on the team, but are still interested in range we offer multiple range session throughout the year to allow all our Cadets to practice their marksmanship skills.


Do you play an instrument?  Do you want to?  There is no musical experience needed to join the band.  We will train you, and even supply you with an instrument if you are keen.  A band can never have too many members so join up and play your heart out.  259 offers a military band and a pipe band.  Join one, the other, or both!

First Aid 

First Aid training is invaluable.  As a member of 259 you will be given the opportunity to take St John’s Ambulance first aid training.