259 Parent Squadron Sponsoring Committee of the British Columbia Provincial Air Cadet League of Canada

The Air Cadet League is made up of national, provincial, and local levels.  The local level of the Air Cadet League is made up of sponsoring committees members.  259’s Parent Sponsoring Committee consists of Cadet parents who volunteer time in the Air Cadet program. Without our sponsor, 259 would not exist. The local sponsoring committees are considered to be the backbone of the Air Cadet League.

259’s sponsor is always looking to recruit new members.  If you are interested in joining our sponsoring committee we’d love to hear from you.  Contact information below.

2019/20 Executive for the 259 Parent Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)

  • Mrs. Annelien Voges – Chairperson / Director – email
  • Mrs. Joanne Smiley – Vice Chairperson / Director email
  • Mrs. Liisa Bloomfield – Treasurer / Director / email
  • Ms. Andrea Jittler – Secretary / Director – email

Members at large

  • Ms. Janice Sequeira – Director
  • Mrs. Trish Leclercq – Director / Canteen
  • Mr. James Proteau – Director / Handyman
  • Mrs. Subrina Monteith – Director / Fundraising
  • Mrs. Jennifer Keightley  – Director


British Columbia Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada

Okanagan Wing League Rep.

  • Ms. Susan Midgley

Okanagan Wing League Chair

  • Mrs. Linda Leibel – email



Squadron Sponsoring Committee Minutes